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Madison Gurkha supports organizations with high quality services to efficiently identify, mitigate and prevent IT security risks.

Madison Gurkha has chosen to specialize in technical IT security specifically. Technical IT security is a particularly complex and fast changing field of expertise, especially nowadays as technology continues to play a bigger role in our society. To keep up with these constant changes, specialization and never ending research and development are necessary. We as a company like to share our knowledge with society by providing presentations, education and articles. We do this because Madison Gurkha finds it important to make society aware of the risks that are involved with technical IT security.

Madison Gurkha is well aware of the fact that most security risks are a result of human mistakes, which in many cases are made within the own organization. IT security is only as strong as its weakest link. Madison Gurkha works closely together with its subsidiary ITSX to provide you with the most optimal and customized IT security solution. To simplify the way of doing business with us, you can choose to only deal with one main contact within Madison Gurkha.

Madison Gurkha works for companies for which IT security is a major concern and who only want top specialists to assist them.

In our daily conduct of business we use the following values:

Customer Focus

  • Easy to Do Business With
  • Do All we Can to Ensure Customer Success


  • Exceed Customer Expectations
  • Strive for Continuous Improvement in All We Do


  • Required for Our Success
  • Allows for Growth & Investments in the Future


  • Put Group Goals & Interests Ahead of Personal Reward
  • Open & Honest Communication


  • Treat Each Other With Respect
  • Strive for Win-Win Relationships

If you would like to know more about Madison Gurkha, please feel free to contact us or request our brochure. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed to get updates.

Our general terms and conditions, as deposited at the Chamber of Commerce Zuid-Oost Brabant in Eindhoven on June 17th, 2009 with reference 17126968, apply to all our services.

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24 april 2015
Madison Gurkha Update 24

26 march 2015
Update: interesting Program Black Hat Sessions Part XIII: 'How secure is (IT in) the Netherlands?'

09 january 2015
Madison Gurkha Update 23

01 december 2014
Register now for the two day course Secure web programming on 5 March and 1 April 2015!

24 september 2014
Madison Gurkha Update 22

08 july 2014
Madison Gurkha, ITSX and Louwers Advocaten can provide you a one stop solution: technical, organizational and legal!


Traide fair Overheid 360, 22 -23 April, Jaarbeurs Utrecht (NL) with contribution of Madison Gurkha, ITSX and Louwers Advocaten

Black Hat Sessions Part XIII: How secure is (IT in) the Netherlands? June 18th, De Reehorst, Ede (NL)

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